NCO Leader's Book

Chapter 5-8, Involuntary Separation due to Parenthood: Paragraph 1-18 counseling, Family Care Packet indicating SM’s inability to provide a
Short/Long term care provider. Separation authority: Bde Cdr. Honorable or General Discharge if SM had FG Article 15s or Specific reason to warrant
so. Mandatory IRR transfer.

Chapter 5-13: Personality Disorder: Paragraph 1-18 counseling, physical and mental status evaluation by psychiatrist or clinical psychologist.
Honorable; General Discharge if convicted by GCM or two SPCM during current enlistment. Separation authority: Bde Cdr. No IRR.

Chapter 5-18, Other Physical or mental Conditions: Paragraph 1-18 counseling, physical exam, mental status evaluation by psychiatrist or clinical
psychologist. Approving authority: Bn Cdr if<6 yrs. Honorable; General if convicted by GCM or two SPCMs during current enlistment. No IRR transfer.
Chapter 9, Alcohol/Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Failure: Memo from ADAPCP as been a rehab. Failure, Chain of Custody/CID Report, physical and
mental evaluations. Approving authority: Bn Cdr if<6 yrs. Honorable; General, if specific factors warrant so. No IRR transfer.

Chapter 13, Unsatistactory Performance: Paragraph 1-18 counseling, all performance counseling forms, PT scorecard, physical and mental
evaluations. Approving authority: Bn Cdr, if<6 yrs. , Bde Cdr if>6 yrs. Honorable or General Discharge. Mandatory IRR Transfer.

Chapter 14, Misconduct: Supporting document, Article 15s or MP/CID reports, physical and mental evaluations, Separation authority: Bde Cdr, if
Honorable/General Discharge, CG if OTH is to be issued with board approval. Chapter 14-12a or 14-12b, parpagraph 1-18 counseling is mandatory.

Chapter 14-12c: Commission of a Serious Offense: First time drug offenders, in the rank of SGT and above, and soldiers with over 3 years of service
on current enlistment, separation must be initiated, regardless of chain of command recommendation to retain or separate SM. No IRR transfer.

Chapter 15, Homosexuality: Don’t ask, Don’t tell policy!!! MPI/CID report, physical and mental evaluations, Separation authority: if Honorable/General
Discharge, Bde Cdr, CG if OTH is recommended by board findings. No IRR transfer.

Chapter 18: Failure to Meet Body Composition/Weight Control Standards: Paragraph 1-18 counseling, monthly weigh-in sheets, memorandum of
enrollment in Weight Control Program, request to medical personnel for physical evaluation and reponse, medical exam and Nutritional Counseling.
Approving authority: if<6 yrs, Bn Cdr, >6 yrs. Separation authority: Bde Cdr, Honorable Discharge. Mandatory IRR transfer.

IRR Transfer: SM with < three months remaining statutory obiligation, will not be transferd to the Individual Ready Reserves. Statutory Obiligation is up
to 8 yrs. After IAT completion.

DA Froms 2A and 2-1 are needed for all chapter packet requests.
NOTE: MILPO will also need transportation and educational counseling to cut orders.
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