NCO Leader's Book
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• Establish objectives for AAR
• Select qualified observers
• Review the training and evaluation plan
• Identify the participants
• Plan stop points during exercises for AAR's
• Make potential site selections
• Select training aids
• Draft an AAR plan
• Review the unit's training objectives and plan
• Review the training objectives, orders, and doctrine
• Observe the training
• Organize the selected AAR Site
• Collect information from the observers
• Develop a discussion outline
• Organize and rehearse

• Restate the unit's mission and event's training objectives
• Generate discussion
• Orient on training objectives
• Seek maximum participation
• Continually summarize to emphasize key learning points

LEADERS TIP: If possible, write down soldier's feedback (sustain/improve) on butcher paper
mounted on easel. Soldiers are more active in providing feedback if they see you care enough to
write down their comments.
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