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All DA Forms and DD forms are available for Download as Pure edge
files , Just click on one of the links to choose your form and download
The most commonly used DA Forms and DD Forms have been selected for easy access
if you don't have pure edge/Lotus viewer you can Download it Here
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Department of Defense Forms DD Forms

DD 0001 through DD 0499          DD 0500 through DD 0999

DD 1000 through DD 1499          DD 1500 through DD 1999

DD 2000 through DD 2499          DD 2500 through DD 2999
Frequently Used DA Forms

DA 6 Duty Roster

DA 31 Request for Leave

DA 67-9 Officer Evaluation Report

DA 67-9-1 OER Support Form

DA 87 Certificate of Training

DA 137 Installation Clearance Record

DA 268 Flagging Actions

DA 285 Accident Report (PDF File)

DA 638 Recommendation for Award

DA 705 APFT Score Card

DA 1103 Application for AER

DA 1594 Daily Staff  Journal

DA 1687 Receipt for Supplies
DA 2062 Hand Receipt

DA 2166-8 NCOER

DA 2404 Equipment & Maintenance

DA 2408-9 Equipment Control Record

DA 2446 Request for Orders

DA 2823 Sworn Statement

DA 2970 Head count report

DA 3072-R Request for Waiver

DA 3161 Request for Issue & Turn-in

DA 3355 Promotion Point Worksheet

DA 3685-R Jumps Pay Elections

DA 3739 Extreme Family Problems

DA 4126-R Bar to Reenlistment
DA 4187 Personnel Actions

DA 4610 Equipment Changes in MTOE

DA 4833 Commanders Report of Disciplinary Action

DA 4856 Army Counseling Form

DA 5500 Body Fat Worksheet

DA 5305 Family Care

DA 5840 Certificate of Acceptance as Guardian

DA 7566 Composite Risk Management